Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter was over

Up until yesterday I was thinking of the coming of spring.  I was on the Guest Sun Deck thinking of putting the cushions on the chairs and lounges and wondering what I flowers I might plant this year.  And then today happened.  THEY said it would snow but mostly the weather forecasters have been incorrect and anytime truly winter weather was predicted it never happened in Vancouver.  But this morning, with Canada winning the Gold in Mens Hockey and the excitement of horn blowing, shouting and firecrackers it all got silenced by a blanket of snow.  It isn't really snowing to the point where we are having snow remain on the ground - at least not in the West End where we are - but it is no longer reminiscent of Spring.

And I was looking forward to Spring with such optimism because we've been working hard on improvements to this old house!  If you have stayed here before I'm sure you'll see and appreciate the changes.  I feel like the house is like "NEW" again.  Now almost every room has a new bathroom, the Deluxe rooms got a make over with new furniture and bedding - I love the Coral in the Deluxe Queen Room and finally the Junior Deluxe King room seems right....after all these years!  We have a new suite called the "Suite Caboose".  I'm not entirely certain how I thought up that name so if you have a better one please tell me.  I was able to re-display some art from a New York artist done in 1970something, there are three pieces and Asian, possibly Japanese in theme.  I like them because the colours really work with the furnishing.  The Suite Caboose is another room where we can offer sleeping for 3 people - King or two twins in the bedroom and a single in the sitting room.  Recent guests loved the Rain Head in the big shower.  I like the heated floors in the bathroom.

All the carpets in the house have been changed.  Such a cafuffle about ordering carpets.  I Saw, I Ordered, I Paid but then I was told they couldn't get them to me and I'd have to choose something else.  That meant we had to close out for another period in February.  Fate took care of me this time, the new carpet is much nicer than the previous choice and gives the house a much more modern feel, makes it feel bigger, is very plush and so very quiet - we still have a few squeaks in the floor but not as many, what is an old house without squeaks.  The overall effect is that the carpet picks up something different in every room, so they all look as individual as they are and the pallet shows off the antiques I have collected to their very best potential.

Although Spring is going to have to wait I am not going to stop working on my rooms as I have one more little transformation to do on the Cozy Double.  Stay tuned for this, it should be quite sweet when it is done.

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